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I’ve always been someone with a very wild and active imagination. Those close to me will probably tell you that there’s something not quite right with my brain. Perhaps, but I’m not so sure. I mean, I think having the propensity to conjure up random nonsensical musings on the spot is something I’d rather have than be without.

So one bored day in late 2009, I decided to create a website about fake news where I could write complete rubbish to my heart’s content, and share it all over the internet. I had always loved writing when I was younger, so to me, this was perfect.

I don’t know why, but the name of the site became Maco News Network, or MNN for short.

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My first ‘news item’ was titled, ‘Grenada To Be Removed From World Atlas‘. Now, my intention was never to fool anyone into thinking the stories were in any way true, but that didn’t stop GBN and WEE FM radio from picking up the story and running with it. GBN actually went out on the street and interviewed people, asking them their opinions on such a scandalous affair.

The sheer volume of page views from that one story was quite alarming. The comments were beginning to get so stupid, I had to disable them after a while. I could not believe people were actually taking this foolishness seriously!

From then onwards, I strove to make the stories a little more outlandish: Government Ministers who were secretly marsupials in disguise, hair weave that attacked its owner, Kirani James winning a race by running backwards, and perhaps the most ludicrous of them all, LIAT actually being punctual for once, just to name a few.

Popularity in the site grew and grew, but sadly time no longer permits me to dedicate the kind of attention it needs. I still write, very rarely though. So rare in fact that it must be some sort of divine miracle that this very post even exists for you to read.

So the moral of the story is, don’t stifle creativity. If you have something to share with the World, share it.

Even if it’s complete and total nonsense.

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